About Department (Humanities)

About Department

The Department of Communication Skills plays a unique role in an institute where the ethos of technology prevails. It helps in shaping the career of the future generation of engineers.

The undergraduate courses taught to B.E Students are in FE II Semester and TE V Semester. Apart from the academic need of providing the students with the right communication and soft skills for the industry, the department aims at making them aware of the various issues concerning man and society. They are meant to sensitize students to the broader social, cultural, economic, ethical and human issues involved in social change.  These courses aim at cultivating critical mind and analytical capabilities. It also helps them face the outside world with more confidence and eagerness.

The Department has its own Library and Computer Labs. The Department possesses well-equipped Language Laboratory. For the fulfillment of its teaching and research goals, the Department has competent faculty members with a high degree of excellence who keeps pace with the current developments in their fields of specialization.

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